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Social Work & Society: 7. Ausgabe veröffentlicht

Das Koordinationsbüro von Social Work & Society gibt die Veröffentlichung der neuen Ausgabe bekannt.

You can find all the papers and information on .

International outstanding colleagues raise in their SW&S-Articles; the internationally very relevant and currently controversial discussed topics on

  • the Price of Social and Health Care (Sue Penna & Martin O'Brien),
  • Evidence Based Social Care (Ian J. Dore),
  • the Current Transformations in Welfare Regimes regarding to the Developments of Social Work in France (John Ward) and
  • the Possibilities to use the Capability Approach in Educational and Social Work Research (Hans-Uwe Otto & Holger Ziegler).

In Issue 7 we close as well our Series on New Professionalism in Social Work (nine articles) and follow on the Series on European Transition with a Paper on >>New Regime of Governing Childhood? Finland as Example<< (Timo Harrikari & Mirja Satka).

The situation of Social Work & Social Policy in transformation countries is again a main focus of SW&S.; Therefore four papers (Debate, Research Note and the Country Notes) focus on the Eastern European situation: Gedas Malinauskas (Lithuania); Siyka Kovacheva (Bulgaria), Elena Pecaric (Slovenia) and Oldrich Chytil (Czech Republic).

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