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Social Work & Society: Neue Ausgabe

Die neue Ausgabe (Vol 3, Issue 1) von Social Work & Society ist im Juni 2005 erschienen.

In the main SW&S-Sections the issue offers new Articles, Research Notes, Social Reports and Debate on current topics of international Social Work and Social Policy.

Besides this interesting contributions on Practical Theory, Social Work Concepts, questions of Social Justice and Current Developments in Europe a Special Issue and a new series are opened.

In the Special Issue on Social Work and new Social Order three articles are discussing the neo-liberal shift in Social Work and Social Policy from different perspectives.

The new SW&S Series on European Social Services in Transition is starting with an Essay on Swedish social policy.

The Agora provides a wide range of Resources, Conference Reports and especially Conference Announcements.

Lessons from India, a historical portrait on the former IASSW-President Dr. Ralph Garber and a book review on the History of the Present of Child Protection and Welfare Social Work in Ireland are completing the current issue.

For the current issue of Social Work & Society see

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