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Third Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication

Beyond Declarations - The Changing Landscape of Scholarly Communication ollowing up the success of the First and Second Nordic Conferences on Scholarly Communication, Lund University Libraries are proud to announce the Third Nordic Conference. The theme of the 2004 conference was “Towards a new publishing environment”. In order to discuss, present and analyse the problems and challenges that arise within scholarly communication Lund University Libraries invite scholars, publishers, vendors, editors, librarians and other interested parties to the Third Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication 24 - 25 April 2006. The conference takes place every second year and aims to be an important contribution to the discussion and to the development within the Nordic countries. The organizers of the CERN OAI workshops and of the Nordic Conferences on Scholarly Communication have decided to alternate the two conferences. The workshop OAI4 is intended as a forum for technological issues associated with scholarly communication and will take place every second year in alternation with the Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication
Wann 24.04.2006 um 09:00 bis
25.04.2006 um 18:00
Wo Lund, Sweden
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