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Social Work & Society



Social Work and Society is dedicated to critical analysis of the relationship between social work, social policy, the state and economic forces. It provides a forum in which conventional views can be challenged, theories about the status and mission of social work in society can be developed and ways for social work to act politically and responsibly can be identified. The journal aims to engage in truly international debate by including discussants from countries all over the world. In doing so, it is committed to constructing discursive relationships between research, theory, education and practice. It aims at widening the scholarly discourse to critical, user-accessible debates on current developments concerning the broad field of social work and society in all parts of the world.

Social Work and Society is a peer-reviewed journal published three times a year by the Group of Editors of Social Work & Society. It is an Open Access Publication that is available free of charge. It consists of sections for papers, research reports and book reviews, a forum section with country notes, documents and announcements, a section for critical essays, social reports and country reports and the online-forum SociaList for comments and discussion.

Social Work and Society is an online-only journal that is not distributed in hard copy.

Social Work and Society is an international journal using English as a standard language. Articles, papers, and reports will be primarily published in English.

Social Work and Society is published by University of Bielefeld, Center for Social Service Studies.



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