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European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics



The European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics is an interdisciplinary Open Access and peer-reviewed eJournal spanning the Humanities, Nursing Science, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies. The journal creates a dialogue between the history and the ethics of nursing while providing new impulses for advancing the subfields of the history as well as the ethics of nursing. Historians are asked to include the ethical dimension of the topic into their research project; researchers interested in ethics are requested to reflect on the historical dimensions of their projects.

The journal publishes original research both on European History and the history of the reciprocal relationships and entanglements of European and non-European societies. The journal appears once a year with each edition having a themed section. In addition, all volumes provide an open section that contains articles on various topics.



Letzte Artikel
Dealing with Scarcity of Resources in Nursing. The Scope and Limits of Individual Responsibility, von Primc, Nadia, veröffentlicht am 15.06.2020
How Much Politics is Permissible in the Nursing of the “Insane”? The History of the Unionisation of Psychiatric Nurses in the German Reich through the Lens of the Uchtspringe Prussian State Asylum 1900–1933, von Urbach, Anna, veröffentlicht am 15.06.2020
Editorial, von Kreutzer, Susanne, veröffentlicht am 05.06.2020
Eugenics and Healthy Families. Interdependence and Legitimation, von Lagerwey, Phd, RN, Mary D., veröffentlicht am 05.06.2020
Bad Nursing? Workhouse Nurses in England and Finland, 1855–1914, von Annola, Johanna, veröffentlicht am 05.06.2020
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