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LANGUAGE@INTERNET will focus research on the pivotal role of language under the new medial conditions of use and interacting with the various societal domains. Linguistic concerns, including sociolinguistic, discourse analytic, and pragmatic perspectives will be at the centre of interest, but it will have to include the conditions, functions and constraints of the societal domains like law, economy or medicine, as they are factors in shaping language and are themselves transformed in their practice in the process. In order for society to be able to exploit and implement these new uses, there has to be a body of scientific knowledge for these domains to draw upon in application and teaching. The purpose of this journal is not only to enhance our linguistic body of knowledge, but also to make available a repository of knowledge for application.



Letzte Artikel
Hanging Out on Xbox Live: How Teens Enter and Open Conversations in Party Chats, von Hung, Aaron Chia Yuan, veröffentlicht am 20.09.2017
Othering Practice in a Right-Wing Extremist Online Forum, von Baumgarten, Nicole, veröffentlicht am 01.01.2017
The Semiotic Multifunctionality of Arabic Numerals in Chinese Online Discourse, von Zhang, Yi, veröffentlicht am 01.01.2017
Intertextuality and Authorized Transgression in Parodies of Online Consumer Reviews, von Vásquez, Camilla, veröffentlicht am 04.12.2016
The Role of Social Media in the Dissemination of Politically Sensitive Information: The Case of Occupy Central in Hong Kong, von Wan, Lixin, veröffentlicht am 17.09.2016
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